California Benefits and Retirement Group (CALBRG) was founded with the goal of helping our clients in preparation for their financial security in the present, in the future, and in retirement.  We want to know you and your story. Whether you are a business owner, corporation, family or an individual, our teams of Certified Financial Planners (CFP) look to leverage continuously evolving FinTech to create custom investment strategies for our clients that help them achieve their desired goals.

More than 25 Years of Experience

Our Approach

We look to build relationships with our clients that focus on their goals.  Maybe you are a business owner selling a business and want to establish security your family; or as a business owner you want to establish a retirement plan for your employees.  You could be newlyweds, looking to save for a home.  Or expecting parents establishing a plan to pay for college. Let’s discuss your goals – and plan tailored to achieving those goals.